The basic principles and privacy policy of Tankbar, s.r.o

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Dear clients,

Company Tankbar s.r.o, with registered office at Nový Smokovec 19088, 06201 Vysoké Tatry, registered in the Commercial Register kept by the Prešov District Court, Section: Sro, Insert n. 10435 / P, (hereinafter referred to as “the Operator”) has the role of protecting the personal data that the companies have been provided by the clients in accordance with the European Union Regulation 679/2016 and Act no. 18/2018 Personal Data Protection Act. The company has taken all technical, organizational and personnel measures to securely collect, process and store all personal data of the company’s clients. The aim of these actions is to ensure the protection of the company’s clients’ personal data from illegal forms of processing.

These privacy policies and policies explain the processing and storage of personal data by Tankbar s.r.o.:

Reason for processing personal data.

The processing of personal data is necessary on the part of the company in order to:

  • Provide services and process personal data of clients, suppliers, business partners, employees and other persons for this purpose;
  • fulfill statutory and contractual obligations;
  • Protect the legitimate interests of the company, clients and others.

Rules for collecting and managing personal data.

  • only authorized persons of our company who have the obligation to comply with the Policies and Privacy Policy
  • the provision of personal data to third parties is exclusively carried out on the basis of the requirements of individual laws, in particular by the state authorities
  • We monitor publicly accessible premises of the company by a camera system only for the purpose of protecting the property of the company and clients, public order, life and health of individuals. Security cameras are marked with a pictogram and a text alert.
  • We have taken appropriate action to ensure the protection and security of processed personal data and use state-of-the-art information technologies
  • Your personal information provided to us under special laws is processed only for a predetermined purpose which is the fulfillment of contractual obligations arising out of the use of our services
  • We do not provide or disclose personal information to another operator who may use it for direct marketing purposes
  • We keep the provided personal data in our information systems in accordance with legal regulations for a maximum of 5 years from their acquisition

Processing of personal data using contact forms.

The person’s personal information is: the first and last name, telephone number and email address of the person concerned, or other information voluntarily provided by the person concerned. Personal data provided in the use of the contact form will not be disclosed and are solely for the purpose of answering a question or suggestion from the person concerned.

The legal basis for the processing of these data is the consent of the Respondent within the meaning of Article 13 (1) a) Act in conjunction with the Act. Art. 6 ods. (1) (a) Regulations which may at any time be withdrawn on the basis of a request addressed to the operator who processes the data.

Personal data will be processed by the time of the Respondent’s response to the question or suggestion sent via the contact form, that is, for the duration of the purpose of their processing.

When processing the person’s personal data, the person concerned will not make automated decision-making or profiling, and the Operator does not intend to provide personal data to a third country, to an international organization, or to any third person except the operator for whom the data is intended.

Processing personal information when signing up for the newsletter.

Personal information processed by the Operator for the purpose of sending information about his products and services (newsletter) is: the person’s email address.

The legal basis for processing these voluntarily provided data is the consent of the Respondent within the meaning of Article 13 (1) a) Act in conjunction with the Act. Art. 6 ods. (1) a) Regulations that may be revoked at any time by clicking on the active link at the end of each newsletter or on the basis of a written request sent to the Operator’s email address.

Personal data will be processed for as long as the Applicant has an interest in submitting an Operator’s newsletter, that is, for the duration of the purpose of processing. Processing of personal data The affected person may be entrusted to an Intermediary who provides or may provide for the management of newsletters ‘campaigns or an intermediary who provides the operator with a technical solution for managing newsletters’ campaigns.

Processing of personal data of the Respondent will not lead to automated decision making or profiling, and the Operator does not intend to provide personal data to a third country, to an international organization, or to a third party, except for an intermediary.

Rights of the persons concerned:

The person concerned is entitled, on the basis of a written request sent to the company’s address, from the operator, in particular, to require:

  • Confirmation of whether or not personal data about it is processed,
  • in a generally understandable form, information on the processing of personal data in the company’s information system, in particular to the extent of: company identification, intermediary identification data when processing personal data on behalf of the company, purpose of processing personal data, list or scope of processed personal data, volunteer or obligation to provide personal data, the legal basis of the processing of personal data, third parties and their personal data are provided, the range of recipients and their personal data are made available, the form of publication, if personal data are disclosed, third countries, if personal data are transferred to third parties countries
  • in a generally understandable form, accurate information about the source from which the company obtained its personal data for the processing,
  • in a generally comprehensible form, a list of its personal data processed,
  • repairing or liquidating your incorrect, incomplete or outdated personal data that is being processed,
  • liquidation of its personal data whose purpose of processing has ended,
  • liquidating its personal data that is being processed, if a violation of the law has occurred,
  • blocking his or her personal data for revocation of consent prior to the expiration of its validity if the company processes personal data under the consent of the person concerned.

In case of any questions regarding the processing of your personal data or the processing conditions and rules, you may contact us at: Tankbar spol. s r.o., B. Němcovej 3455/44, 058 01 Poprad or at